Who doesn’t like delicious edible cannabis products? Unlike other methods of consumption that use elaborate devices such as bongs or vaporizers, edible cannabis products are relatively simple – you make them and eat them. However, one point is confusing for many people: how long can edible cannabis products be stored?

So that edible cannabis products do not quickly become inedible during storage, two essential factors must be taken into account: the grass factor and the food factor. We will address these two points one after the other to draw a conclusion about the storage of edible cannabis products.


Let’s start with the good news: the potency of edible cannabis products. Fortunately, edible cannabis products lose little of their potency, even over a long period. Many manufacturers have found that foods containing cannabis have almost the same potency, even a year after production. Edible cannabis products are therefore very stable and there is no cause for concern.


Now the bad news: Cannabis-based edible products degrade as quickly as food without cannabis. For example, a cannabis brownie molds as quickly as a regular brownie.

Good news for the manufacture of cannabis candy. As they are mainly made of sugar, they can be consumed for half an eternity. Those who don’t like sweets should think about storing them properly.


There are some tips to keep your edible cannabis products fresh and enjoyable for a long time:

  • The refrigerator plays a crucial role in this respect. Even for bakery products – which can be kept out of the fridge for a certain period of time – the life span is considerably extended by keeping them cool.
  • Avoid transparent containers – if there is one thing the cannabis they contain can damage, it is unnecessary exposure to light.
  • To keep track, you should mark edible cannabis products with their date of manufacture.
  • If possible, use airtight containers instead of bags and pouches. Vacuum packaging would be even better.
  • When consuming edible cannabis products, you should cut or portion out edible cannabis products. Do not bite them directly or use cutlery that has already been used, as your cannabis products may come into contact with bacteria in your mouth and spoil more quickly.
  • If you are not sure if you can still eat an edible cannabis product, you should look for the presence of mold and smell it carefully. Although this does not protect against mold formation, the early growth of bacteria can be prevented by heating the product to over 100°C.


Freezing is the most effective way to preserve your edible cannabis products for as long as possible. Frozen cannabis products should be stored in opaque containers to avoid unnecessary light damage. They should also be sealed tightly to avoid the risk of damage due to condensation.

It is advisable to wrap edible cannabis products in baking paper and then put them in jars. Cinnamon butter or oil can also be placed in a jar before freezing and then placed in an opaque bag.

When freezing glasses, care should be taken not to put the glass in the freezer until the entire contents have reached room temperature. Leave some space up to the lid as many substances expand when frozen. In addition, the lid should not be over-tightened. Finally, it is advisable to leave some space between the glasses when freezing.

With these tips, you can avoid the tragedy of broken glass. You can also store your edible cannabis products in a zippered bag. With this method, you put your edible cannabis products in the bag and close it by leaving a small open corner. Then you suck out the remaining air through the opening with your mouth. When the bag fits snugly against your product, you can close it completely. This way you can “vacuum pack” your edible cannabis products even if you don’t have a suitable device.

Edible products are a fun way to consume cannabis, and if you store them properly, you can enjoy them for long periods. Have fun cooking and eating them!