CBd and Cancer


Cancer, a disease commonly referred to as “the scourge of mankind”, owes its name to its propensity to crawl through the body. In a metaphorical sense, cancer crawls silently, often unnoticed by the human organism, and spreads in the same eerie way. It is not uncommon for cancer, once conquered, to recur again and again, with fatal consequences. Cancer is, in short, one of the worst diseases that can afflict a person.

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Unfortunately, we all have cancer cells in our bodies. Simply put, cancer occurs when a cell in the body mutates into a malignant tissue cell. When these cells grow into a tumour (cancer), they begin to metastasise. Cancer can spread throughout the body via the blood.

There are countless types of cancer, all of which can lead to death. However, some cancers, like birthmarks, are benign and do not spread or develop into malignant tissue. However, even the smallest birthmark can become dangerous as soon as it degenerates, or changes. Current medical science uses chemotherapy to treat cancer. In many cases, chemotherapy is preceded by surgery to remove the tumour. During chemotherapy, the patient is given chemicals intravenously, which fight the cancer and demand a lot of strength from the organism. Most people are aware of the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy.

However, the chances of recovery are much better than they were a few decades ago. If detected at the right time, cancer can be successfully fought in most cases. For this reason, regular check-ups by a specialist are absolutely crucial.

How can CBD help with cancer?

Medical research continues to make new discoveries that are like little miracles. For example, it has recently been discovered that methadone, used in drug rehab clinics, promotes the healing of cancer. It’s the same with our little wonder weapon, cannabidiol: CBD has an inhibitory effect on cancer cells, allowing them to be contained.

In the media, there is talk of CBD as a potential cure for cancer. Of course, this is not something that the pharmaceutical industry would be happy to hear. Of course, CBD does not make money in the same way that chemotherapy does. A bottle of cannabidiol, for example, costs around 20-30 euros, whereas a bag of chemotherapy drugs costs several thousand euros.

CBD is currently being used very successfully as a catalyst to support chemotherapy in the fight against tumours. Of course, cannabidiol is not the only thing that works, but a Canadian patient with skin cancer himself successfully overcame his cancer by using cannabis oil. He himself explained that after four or five days, the affected area was completely healed. It is said that this man (Rick Simpson) has cured over 5000 people using cannabis oil. However, this is an oil with a high THC content and is known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

It is almost certain that cannabis extracts are increasing in the medical field. Incidentally, records have been found in the Persians’ ancient religious scrolls that refer to cannabis itself as a divine herb.