Chaga mushroom

Chaga mushroom

Does the Chaga mushroom get you high? Well chaga mushrooms certainly will do something to you, but it doesn’t contain any psilocin, so you won’t be tripping out.

Caucasus Mountain chaga mushroom tea

Chaga mushrooms are found in Eurasia, and have been used by shamans living in the hills. They are famous for brewing Caucasus Mountain chaga mushroom tea. Caucasus Mountain shaman have a long history using chaga mushrooms as herbal medicine to make you feel good, it increase your immunity and prevents illnesses. Drinking chaga mushroom tea even just twice per week, will still do wonders for your body as a powerful antioxidant.

Chaga extract

Chaga mushroom extract just like the king agaricus KA-21 mushroom, is used to fight and prevent cancer. Other benefits include stabilizing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Other notable uses is fighting chronic inflammation, though research is still ongoing.

Diabetics eating chaga mushrooms

You should never consume any herbs and mushrooms without talking to your Doctor first. Some people may experience side-effects ingesting chaga mushrooms. They may also be dangerous to consume for others, especially diabetics taking insulin as it can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Some research is still ongoing as it is feared that chaga mushrooms

Chaga blood thinners

There is also large concerns that Chaga may interfere with blood clotting because it has a protein that prevents your blood from clotting. It’s dangerous if you’re aleady taking aspirin or any blood thinners. Always consult with your doctor before taking chaga or any other herb.

Interactions with immunosuppressant drugs

Chaga can have serious Interactions with immunosuppressant drugs, it can decrease the effectiveness of these drugs. In certain circumstances, you may not want a strong immune system, so please consult with your doctor. Mushrooms and herbs are very powerful and complicated in your body, especcially mixed with other drugs.