Cannabis for The Treatment of Coronavirus

Can cannabis help in the treatment of coronavirus?

Developing a vaccine against a new virus is a long and uncertain process and tedious and expensive. “Marijuana can kill coronavirus,” reads a photo that looks like an important piece of information reported in newspapers. The famous photo received over 40,000 likes on Instagram. Its description read, “Scientists are shocked to discover that cannabis kills coronavirus.”

The same information was reported by the Facebook page Rise And Grid, where the number of reactions also numbered in the tens of thousands. But can hemp really kill coronavirus? According to a group of British scientists, who found a possible cure, against coronavirus, in one of the ingredients of cannabis.

Could the treatment for coronavirus be cannabis? “The answer is yes,” – said Jhon Afellay, head of the study. According to the testimony of these scientists, the cannabis molecule THC is able to kill the virus when administered correctly. “This is why the disease originated in China because cannabis is rarely consumed there.

For Stephane Bull, research physician and founder of Healths Lab SL, THC is able to stop the spread of the virus by immunizing uninfected people. “The most complicated part is the extraction of the THC molecule. The THC molecule requires a slow 14-day maceration process to obtain 10 grams of this ingredient, 100 grams of the plant are required.”

“However, consuming as little as 0.02 grams of THC reduces the risk of contracting the virus by 95%.” explained Stephane. He says they found a possible solution through experiments on infected rats. “We worked with over a thousand samples, and the rodents that received a minimal dose of THC were cured within 24 hours.

In our CBD oils, the THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) content is 0.05% for CBD oil 5%, 0.07% for CBDmed oil 10% while our CBDmed fiber hemp oil 15% product contains up to 0.08% THC.

Effect of CBD on immunity

Although hemp cannot kill the coronavirus, the CBD contained in hemp strengthens the immune system. Taking the cannabinoids in hemp affects our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system regulates many processes in our body, including the immune system.

Research conducted in 2011 indicates that cannabinoids, or rather the activation of the CB2 receptor. This activation is triggered by taking CBD, which can help reduce inflammation. This is one of the main ways it affects our immune system. Hemp has many medicinal properties, but the information that THC kills coronavirus is unfortunately a lie. However, it is interesting to consume cannabis because it activates the endocannabinoid system. Its purpose is to regulate appetite, sleep, and mood, among others, as well as to maintain the general balance of the body.