Get Paid For Shroom Art

Get Paid For Shroom Art

Get paid to share your trip report, shroom art, short stories & poems. We are looking to provide shroomers around the world the best magic mushroom content ever.


Get Paid For Shroom Art


Get Paid For Shroom Art

If you wold like to share your artwork or magic mushroom stories, please submit your comments below or contact us directly. is a highly visible website and you can get noticed. If you’d like to donate your creations we can credit your name and website to help promote your art. If you’re short on cash and have quality content and we pay you as well. Our budget varies each month depending on how much content we’ve already purchased, so please share your thoughts as soon as possible for the best pricing.

Great Opportunity To Become Famous

This is a great opportunity to become famous if you’re a starving artist. This website is exploding with visitors everyday. It’s a great way to share your triply psychedelic art with like minded people looking to purchase shroom posters, shroom t-shirts and anything and everything Shrooms.

Shroom jewellery sells well here. It’s good energy and a great karma place to share and sell your creations. Help open the minds of people around the world.

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  1. Edson on July 19, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    I’m a small artist that does psychedelic art, i dont usually represent shrooms but my art is quite obviously psychedelic 🙂 how does it work?
    Thank you

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