CBD Oil Dosage

CBD oils can be used in a variety of ways. One of the most popular ways is to take the oil orally “under the tongue.” Some people choose to apply it directly to the skin, for example, to soothe acne. Each of these methods is good, but a lot depends on what the oil is used for. The dosage of the oil is a little more complicated – in this case, the concentration of the product used will be very important.

CBD has beautifying properties, so it’s easy to use the oil as a cosmetic treatment directly on the skin. It also helps to treat various skin conditions such as seborrhoea or eczema. In this case, it should be applied directly to the affected area. To nourish the skin, the product should be applied directly to the skin of the face instead of using a cream. This method is particularly recommended for people with combination and oily skin, as CBD regulates sebum secretion. Applying the oil will leave the skin matt hydrated and improve its color.

The oils are also used for nail and hair care. If your nails are brittle, weak, or damaged, rub the oil into the nail plate as a conditioner to improve their condition. You can also apply the oil to your hair to nourish it. This will give your hair an extra protective barrier against external aggressors.

CBD oil dosage

CBD oils come in different concentrations. The dosage will depend mainly on the concentration. Of course, the purpose of using the oil is also important in order to choose the right dose. For example – 1 dose of 15% oil is equivalent to 5 doses of 3% oil. The higher the concentration, the more cannabinoids. This is particularly important, among other things, in the case of topical application to the skin and high doses.

The dosage should be chosen individually. The user’s age, weight, and metabolism play an important role in determining the dose. It is best to start with low doses, gradually increasing them according to personal preference. At the beginning of the treatment, 2-3 full clicks of the dispenser of the low-concentration oil are sufficient. If in doubt, it is worth consulting a specialist who will help you determine the dosage. The body can well tolerate even very high concentrations of cannabis oil.

Hemp oil has no psychoactive properties, and CBD is a natural compound that can be found in the human body, so there is no need to worry about adverse effects from the extract.