How to grow magic mushrooms in your backyard from fresh mushrooms?

Most people prefer growing magic mushrooms indoors. This is mainly because of the fact that mushrooms grow well in humid conditions. They also do not require a lot of sunlight for their growth. But have you ever considered growing magic mushrooms in the backyard of your house? 

Growing magic mushrooms is not a really difficult task especially if you have a proper growing kit. However, if you want to grow your mushroom from fresh mushrooms, then it might require some hard work. You need to make sure that your mushrooms do not get contaminated with the mould.

So, here we are going to tell you how exactly you can grow your magic mushrooms from fresh mushrooms.

Getting your mushroom spawn

You can easily find your mushroom spawn in a mushroom growing kit. These kits are fully equipped with all the things that you require to grow your mushroom. You can use the spawn to colonize with a substrate of your choice. It can be either sawdust or wood chips or any other substrate you want. 

You can also inoculate a bag containing sterile grain with a spore syringe. It is always recommended that you use sawdust for growing mushrooms indoors. This is because sawdust has a lower risk of contamination.

Transferring your grain mushroom spawn into the substrate

This process is quite a simple one. You require a bag of sawdust to spread your grain mushroom spawn. Sawdust is easily available in various stores. Next, you need to sterilize your sawdust and layer the sawdust with the inoculated grain. You can create multiple layers and cover each of your layers with sawdust. Repeat this process until you have completely used up your sawdust. 

It will take a few weeks for the spawn to colonize. Once your spawn has properly colonised, you will be able to transfer it to your backyard. The bag containing mushroom spawn and sawdust should be properly covered. However, make it a point to open the lid at least once a day so that fresh oxygen can enter.

Finding a proper patch in your backyard

Now you need to find an appropriate spot for your mushrooms. Make sure that the mushrooms get the indirect rays of the sun. Mushrooms do not prefer direct exposure to sunlight for extended periods. The patch should also have natural slope as mushrooms like to grow in sloppy regions. The spot should also be easily accessible to you so that you are able to harvest the mushroom easily when the time comes.

Preparing your patch for harvesting

You will have to clear your spot properly. You can either use your hands or a shovel to dig out the debris so that there is nothing but earth. The spot can be lined with thick cardboard. Add sufficient moisture to the spot by spraying water. Spread the layers of sawdust spawn evenly on the moist surface. Put a layer of cardboard on the top of the layers so that the moisture cannot escape.

In this way, you will easily be able to grow your own magic mushrooms in the backyard of your house. Also, make it a point to check your mushrooms frequently so that you do not miss the magic.