If you are a real drug addict, we are sure that you will also enjoy cannabis concentrates. No matter how much you appreciate it, we cannot imagine that you will exhaust your entire supply in one session. So the question arises: where should you keep the rest?


Let’s put things in context. When we talk about concentrates, wax or dabs, these terms usually mean the same thing. In particular, they refer to concentrates that are rich in THC in the form of a light brown/dark brown material that is sticky to the touch. This results from a chemical process in which a large number of buds are broken down and the desired THC is chemically separated. While flowers usually contain only up to 30% THC, concentrates contain about 65-95% + THC. This is why you will mostly see experienced smokers using concentrates.


If you are one of those experienced smokers, you may wonder what the “ideal” container for concentrates is. You have more than one option, but there are a few key points to keep in mind no matter which one you choose.


Due to their low cost and typically attractive colors, silicone containers are a popular choice for concentrate storage. However, this choice of material poses a problem that has become apparent in recent years.

The problem is the interaction between the silicone material and the terpenes in the cannabis concentrate. If you have ever studied the science of cannabis, you have probably also discovered that terpenes are a natural solvent. This is not a problem when you smoke. However, if your wax is more concentrated or purer, it may cause your silicone container to dissolve. You could suddenly find yourself standing next to a ruined container with contaminated and unusable pads – and who wants that? And who would want that? Even if it doesn’t disappear as quickly as that Indiana Jones villain, it may become unusable over time.


Compared to silicone, glass is undoubtedly a safer choice. But that doesn’t mean you can leave your dab in an open and cleaned jar of noodle sauce.

Oh, that wasn’t your plan at all? Well, we just wanted to make sure. However, there are a few conditions that your container must meet to be eligible. First of all, there must be no possibility of excess air ingress. This means that your container must be proportional to your pads’ size and have a tight seal. If your container is too large, you must at least ensure that the container you choose can be hermetically sealed. If you are using clear glass, you must protect it from the effects of light and heat (and even if it is not). You can also wrap your wax in parchment paper, but we’ll tell you more about this soon.


You’ve probably heard different opinions on this subject, but now we want to ask you the question again. Can you freeze your concentrates, tampons, wax or whatever you want? Yes, technically you can put your concentrates in the freezer, take them out and smoke them again. It will be a safe, but not necessarily the most enjoyable smoking session.


If you plan to store your discs for only a few days, silicone containers are not likely to cause damage and their price makes them attractive for short-term storage. Choose a cool, dry place, make sure the container is airtight, and not open it unless you want to take the dab out for smoking. Although these containers are almost never transparent, be sure to choose an opaque container.

– Time frame: up to 7 days


If you want to keep your dab safely for a longer period of time, you should opt for glass. As already mentioned, you need a tightly sealed container, of proportional size, which you keep in a cool and dry place. Before you put your wax in it, divide it into small pieces and wrap them in parchment paper. Once you’ve wrapped the pieces, you put them in a resealable, food-resistant plastic bag. Finally, you can put your concentrate in the glass container.

– Time Frame: up to 4 weeks


If you want a concentrate that keeps longer, you should opt for an alcohol-based tincture. If you use a sterilized, airtight glass bottle and store it in a temperature-controlled area, your concentrate can be stored for one year or at least 6 months. Of course, this is only the case if no additives or glycerin are included, as these would reduce the life span and spoil the entire stain.

– Shelf life: between 6 months and 1 year


So why should you care? Why should you store your concentrates properly? Simply because it is a question of quality. Of course, you can smoke your products anyway, but why should you make things worse? If you know that wax loses its strength when exposed to air, why shouldn’t you do something about it? If you know that storing too long in a silicone container causes contamination, why should you take that risk? The concentrate gets into your body and you should treat it accordingly. Do yourself some good by treating your concentrates well.