Introduction to microdosing of magic mushrooms

According to various media reports, the intake of small amounts of psychedelic substances is increasing in popularity, in spite of a lack of research. Psychedelics microdosing is the usual procedure of taking very small, sub-hallucinogenic doses of psychedelic substances, usually LSD or dried psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

What is microdosing?

When we talk about psychedelics, “microdoses” are doses that are usually low enough that the person taking the substance does not experience any evident amendments of consciousness. Doses are nearly one-tenth of a common recreational dose. Doses differ between people as they usually adjust based on their experience as microdoses are usually meant to be subtle.

There has been nearly no experimental research to show if microdosing does anything at all. But, this is still early and too much is left to be done.

Reported Benefits

  • Improved mood

The improved mood was the most usually reported advantage at just over one-quarter of reports. This generally includes reports of happiness and soothing nature, decrement in depressive symptoms and improvised approach, and optimism and appreciation. This generally aligns with the previous reports that imply that microdosers to be less neurotic and dysfunctional than non-microdosers. A majority of people presently view microdosing for mood as the greatest-possible research avenue in their microdosing trials.

  • Improved focus

The second most general benefit was the improved focus with a majority of microdosers reporting an increase in concentration, mindfulness, and engagement. Provided the stimulating nature of psychedelics, increased attention is quite plausible and many laboratory research usually includes a number of measures to assess the value of attention under microdoses.

  • Creativity

Creativity is one of the most common benefits that usually include meta-creative processes such as a shift in perspective, divergence in thought process, and curiosity. Actually, some previous research establishes that microdosers were more intelligent, open-minded, and creative in comparison with non-microdosers.

These are only some top three benefits. Apart from these, microdosers also reported a broad range of benefits that usually include an increase in productivity and confidence as well as embellish extraversion and empathy. These reports usually vouch for further controlled studies, specifically in light of the challenges associated with microdosing.

Reported Challenges

  • Illegality

Illegality is the most usually reported challenge attached with microdosing, which generally covers the illegality of substances and the consequences thereafter. These generally include unspecific dosing, the black market, and obviously cost and availability of the substance. This generally includes fear of the social stigma that results in the need to hide someone’s activity from others.

  • Physical challenges

Microdosers also reported many physical challenges attached with microdosing, that usually includes insomnia if dosing too late in the day, stomach problem, decrement in appetite, headaches, and shivering sensations. Being unwanted, these side-effects generally show considerable overlapping with different existing medications and must be measured closely in clinical trials.

  • Other unknown risks

Microdosers also reported many other disturbances, too, like the unknown risk-effect profile of microdosing, specifically considering long-term use. Provided the benevolent physical safety profile of psychedelics at usual recreational doses, there is less worry about keenly using a far-lower dose. Nevertheless, chronic psychedelic use is different and comes with usually an obscure safety profile. Consuming a psychedelic every few months or years is probably has a very varied emanation than consuming a psychedelic (magic mushroom) every few days, even at a low dose. The neurological emanations of regular dosing are something users are worried about as a majority of them calls for more research on the topic.


Comprehensively, a majority of microdosers reported that the advantages of microdosing were more than the challenges. So, you can easily rely on those results and get yourself ready for the next microdosing session with the magic mushrooms.