Magic Mushrooms: One of the best anti-inflammatory a doctor can prescribe you!

Yes, magical mushrooms have healing properties. There’s a history of mushrooms being eaten and not just used for recreational purposes. In fact, Eastern medicines have been using their properties to treat a wide range of health-related issues. Apart from offering a greater number of health benefits, these shrooms are now being actively used to provide relief to those suffering from cancer, stress, and inflammation. 

All the research and studies being done, provides ample light on the healing properties, and thus so far, it appears psychedelics might play a significant role. 

 Use of Mushrooms as Anti-Inflammatory Alternative

The symptoms of inflammation usually include the likes of pain, swelling, immobility, and redness in the affected area. It’s a process of the body, where the immune system tries to repair the damage from the invasion of foreign elements. 

Inflammation also gets triggered in a scenario, where your body tries to fight off problems arising out of diseases. 

This is precisely where magic mushrooms step in.  In the case of psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin, it facilitates the psychedelic state by activating 5- HT2A, which further resets the resting state functionality connectivity (RFSC) in a bid to alleviate depression. 

The Positive Effects of Magic Mushrooms 

Research done by experts have come up with some astonishing results. The positive effects of psychedelic therapy results in the reduction of neuroinflammation. This inflammation within the Central Nervous System (CNS), usually includes areas such as the brain and spinal cord. The pre-clinic trials have so far shown the prevalence of anti-inflammatory effects with just a few doses. 

Microdosing allows the body to reap benefits without having the patient the need to go through a psychedelic trip. Apart from a gradual reduction in aorta inflammation, the use of mushrooms also helps to decrease in the HDL cholesterol levels, which is always good news.. The benefits far outweigh the rumors and to a larger degree, this mushroom is going to open up new avenues, where it’s people who stand to benefit the most. 

Studies have also provided new insight and perspective of using this drug to treat cardiovascular and asthma diseases and the pre-trials have shown satisfactory results. Given the scenarios that exist and since you’re looking for alternatives that can help you recover in a short time, without causing any physiological or mental scars. At the end of the day, you’re more open towards seeking help that not only boosts your immunity but also presents you the chance to find a cure to the health-related problems.

Why do Doctors recommend Magic Mushrooms? 

These mushrooms are found all over the world and have properties that can massively boost your immune system. Yes, they do have a high level of potency. But if take the psychedelics under watchful eyes in a controlled manner, the magic mushroom will help you to tackle many problems related to depression, anxiety, and other problems, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. 

Right before making up your mind to use the mushrooms for certain treatments, just make sure to consult a doctor. Your doctor will look into your circumstances and will accordingly provide you with proper advice on how to proceed. 

In the next 10-20 years, the scientists will be able to unlock the anti-inflammatory potential of magic mushrooms and it’s likely to be used to resolve multiple numbers of age-related problems.