Mushroom Side Effects Long-Term

Long-Term Side Effects of Mushroom

Mushrooms, otherwise known as “magic mushrooms,” are naturally occurring mushrooms that contain psilocybin. These mushrooms come in different sizes and shapes, and they offer many health benefits. However, there are some side effects long-term you should be aware of when consuming mushrooms.

Apart from psilocybin, which appears to be non-toxic, some species of magic mushrooms contain other compounds that are toxic, which can cause stomach upset or even organ damage. That’s more reason you need to be sure of the species you’re consuming.

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Mushrooms are often dried and crushed before being brewed with tea for consumption, packed into small capsules, or smoked, and the hallucinogenic effect produced has been reported to cause changes in mood, perception, and thoughts.

However, the psychoactive chemicals in magic mushrooms are under the Schedule 1 controlled substances because they are likely to be abused. The effect you get from a mushroom can be influenced by the type, dosage, and setting where it’s used.

Magic mushrooms can produce positive psychological effects like a hallucination – a good trip that you’re on top of the world. Normally, mushrooms containing psilocybin can cause you to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell things that are unreal.

But the effect of hallucination can be negative when you begin to feel or think someone is after you, or you see scary things. And this can happen when you consume higher doses of the mushrooms or use them in high-risk environments.

However, many studies have shown that psilocybin contained in magic mushrooms helps to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, amongst other benefits.

Long-term side effects of mushrooms

While magic mushrooms are great for producing immediate and euphoric highs, using higher doses can lead to a bad trip in some cases.

According to research, some possible long-term side effects of mushrooms may include:

  • Change in personality or mood
  • Flashback hallucinations
  • Tolerance

Flashback hallucinations are formerly referred to as Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD). This often occurs when a person re-experiences a hallucination long after the psilocybin has left their system. These flashbacks from hallucinogenic drugs can even occur years after taking these substances. However, the person tends to know that they’re hallucinating.

A person can also have changes in personality or mood as a long-term side effect. But some studies have shown that small doses of psilocybin could be used in substance abuse treatment or mental health. However, the use of this drug was monitored closely by medical professionals in a controlled setting, and the long-term side effects were not noticed. 

The long-term physical effects of mushrooms are quite rare, but sometimes it can be connected to underlying psychological disorders that were present before consuming mushrooms.

Many researches have shown that the long-term side-effects associated with psilocybin are as a result of multiple doses and reactions with other substances when used at the same time.

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