Perks Of Growing Regular Seeds

During the early days, using regular seeds was the only way to grow weed. It is the natural process without intervening with the intention of Mother Nature. So, when you can grow a male or female plant from the seed. A regular seed has a 50% chance of growing into a female plant. Since most cultivators are interested in harvesting the buds for smoking, they take an interest only in female plants. As a result, cultivators turned their attention to feminized seeds, which only results in female plants. From the end of the 1990s, growers are only focused on feminized seeds that contain only (XX) the female chromosomes. So, the seedbanks only offer feminized seeds.

Do you know that the European seed marketplace has 95% of the cultivators growing feminized seeds? The seed banks are not interested in regular seeds. While the regular seeds look like they are on the losing side in the battle of cannabis sexes, it is not true. Regular seeds are worth the time and effort if you want to take cannabis cultivation to a higher level. Unfortunately, regular seeds are harder to get and expensive. But, certain platforms offer you high-quality regular seeds. You can buy regular seeds from such trusted seed banks if you are thinking about becoming a professional breeder. Here are some of the perks of growing regular seeds.

Ease Of Breeding

Regular cannabis seeds are necessary for breeding. Without them, no breeding is possible. The seeds come as a result of crossing between the male (XY) and a female (XX). So, the genetic information of the regular seeds contains both sexes. They can show either one depending on different factors. For growers, regular seeds offer the advantage of picking the male and female specimens and cross-breeding them to create a stronger offspring possessing the best traits of both specimens.

It allows selective crossings of one cultivar with the other to get an offspring of extreme potency, a specific flavor, or a certain color. So, your vision can come true when you use regular seeds for breeding. You can try this to get the maximum yield of the crop or for experimentation and fun. Irrespective of the intention of the breeding, you need to choose regular seeds containing all genetic materials to ensure the new cross you create has maximum chances of success. Instead of missing the chromosomes, which can happen with the use of feminized cannabis seeds, you have high chances of breeding good offspring.

Strong Mother Plants And Clones

Regular seeds offer one huge benefit in the form of strong and healthy clones. They are capable of rooting well on the ground. Also, they can grow fast. If you are growing weed, then you know the importance of cloning. It is the technique by which you can make an exact genetic replica of a specific plant. So, if you like the color or morphology of a certain specimen, then cloning can aid in duplicating. Regular seeds can produce uniform cannabis plants using cloning. Compared to the feminized counterparts, cannabis plants developed from regular seeds are suitable for the cloning process.

Like breeding, plants with a full set of chromosomes are necessary for cloning. Plants cultivated from regular seeds contain robust qualities, which the clones can possess. So, the cloned plants have stronger genetics and stable. Such plants also are less likely to clone hermaphrodites. Wondering why feminized seeds are not a better choice for cloning? It is because it is fit for a single harvest alone. Due to the specific genetics, feminized seeds can become unstable when you clone them.

Create Potent Strains

When you grow regular cannabis seeds, it is possible to breed new strains by yourself. You can select two powerful strains to combine the best features into a single plant. For example, when you breed a male plant with the auto-flowering female plant to create a new strain that flowers at a faster rate. You can experiment with various strains to develop a highly potent strain that can attract more customers.

Regular seeds are genetically purer and need no chemical intervention for their production. You can try to get such benefits from feminized seeds, but it may not offer successful results compared to the plants grown from regular seeds. While you have several perks of growing regular seeds, you need to choose the seeds from the best seed bank. It is important to find a trusted source offering great quality regular seeds along with other cannabis strains. The seeds you choose must have strong genetics and offer the best service to the customers. A platform offering the broadest range of options will help you make the right choice. With the best seed collection, you can home grow weed and take good care of the plants. By choosing the best platform to buy the seeds, you can enjoy the joys of growing high-quality weed.