Autoflowering seeds

Buy the best autoflowering seeds online. We have a large selection of premium autoflowering seeds. Find bushy plants that don’t look out of place in your garden or forest.

Fast Flowering Auto’s

Get shorter flowering times growing these secret cannabis. It’s a very clever breeding these seeds for quick harvest before everyone elses strains. They’re  great to grow in stealth and even better in the cold climates of Colorado USA and Quebec and Alberta Canada.

High CBD Auto’s

High CBD autoflower seeds are the most sought after. You’ll get high CBD value that is more of a sativa trait, and those can take forever to flower. So you get the best of both world’s, fast flowering auto seeds with High CBD. They’re selling out fast, so get them while you can!

Cannabis Ruderalis

Auto cannabis seeds are a bit complicated becasue they use a photoperiodic cannabis plant. cross-breeding takes skill so it’s made perfectly for you. It’s a combination of higher THC cannabis sativa or cannabis indica crossed with a very low autoflowering cannabis ruderalis.

Autoflowering Breeding Tips

The trick is to get the auto triggering traits passed on genetically without the low THC. So it takes many generations to make the correct hybrid just for your growing needs.

Autoflowering Feminized Strains

Not only can you buy just regular auto seeds, but you can now buy feminized auto seeds. So you can sit back and relax knowing you don’t need to change the lighting and you won’t need to weed out any male plants. You’ll have a stealthy plant that should remain under 3 feet, depending on the exact strain you purchase.

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