Indica seeds

Indica generally produces shorter plants with higher THC. These plants are generally made for deep relaxation with pain killing effects. We offer a large selection of premium Indica seeds for sale online.

Couchlock Effects

Indica Seeds will often place you deep down in the cushions of your couch. It’s a couchlock effect also known as wheelchair weed. You’ll have a body buzz and a heavy head high that gives you the munchies.

Not All Indica Strains Are Built The Same

Some 100% Indica strains like Northern Lights actually have Sativa effects. Instead of a deep body buzz, it will light up your cerebral and get you moving. It’s a true breeding masterpiece, speaking as a breeder myself.

Mostly Indica Hybrids

Don’t forget many Indica strains are hybrids with Sativa. So when you hear about Indica strains, it could mean 51%-100%, known as Mostly Indica. And all these variations don’t fall into the same effects of a 100% Indica. So keep that in mind while deciding which indica seeds you buy.

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