New Strains

New Cannabis strains just released. Get the latest and greatest cutting edge cannabis genetics today! Out grow your friends with new cannabis seeds bred by the pro’s!

New Cannabis Strains

You’ll love the advancements in cannabis genetics, more yeilds better trichome productions and wicked balanced CBD and THC to get you to the highest state of mind.

Strongest Mushroom Strains

We’ve got the strongest mushroom strains for quality trips and better visuals. See the difference quality mushroom breeding makes. We’ve been working on faster acting psilocybin, so you can get your buzz on more quickly. And the most requested feature of all is about to come to frutation. That’s right, we’re developing the strongest shrooms that taste great eaten dried. So you can enjoy the tastiest shrooming experiences ever! These new breakthroughs need some common sense as well. Remeber that just because your mushies taste great doesn’t mean you should eat too many of them at once. Dosing is important and we don’t want to encourage anyone to do anything against there local laws.

World’s Strongest Magic Mushroom Strains

It’s a hard title to acheive, but who else could make it happen. We’ve been working with the best spores in the world to breed cutting edge shrooms. Only our authentic website would be capable of such a feat. We are the leaders in mushroom research and development of breakthrough todays world’s strongest magic mushroom strains at affordable prices.

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So act today and buy new marijuana genetics online. You’re gonna be so impressed, you’ll want to try all of our new seeds.

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