Liquid Shrooms

Liquid Mushrooms are the number one selling magic mushroom product this year. They sell better because they are way less likely to upset your stomach the way dried shrooms do.

Taking Liquid Mushrooms

When you take liquid shrooms, you’re only consuming the awesome active ingredients and not the nasty by-products that churn your tummy. Growing up as a teenager in the early 70’s, I never thought a day would come when you could take shrooms and love the taste. Liquid mushrooms make tripping the best option there is.

 Liquid Psilocybin Dose

Chosing Liquid Psilocybin over dried shrooms has many benfits because our shroom extract has precise psilocybin measurements. You will know exactly how much active ingredients you ingest each time, it measurable and accurate.

Predict The Effects of Magic Mushrooms

This allow you to predict your trip and allows you to redose the correct amount during your trip. For those microdosing magic mushrooms you’ll be able to get the precise liquid mushroom micro dose. This helps those you don;t want to hallucinate get the medincine they need without unwanted side effects.

Pure Psilocybin

The path of shrooming is clear and it points towards Pure Psilocybin. It has all the benefits and no downside, not even on price. Liquid shrooms prevents wastage by getting the right dose the first time. Save your money and trip or microdose better taking liquid mushrooms.

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