Blue Meanie


Panaeolus Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanie Shrooms

Panaeolus Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanie Shooms. This Aussie Shroom is fair dinkum! He’s in it to win it, and never lets you down. He’s a pretty big lad, sometimes called a Blue Meanie in his own country. He’s very high potency, and can be recognised easily with his black spores and blue staining stretching from head to toe.


Panaeolus Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanie Shooms Trip Report

Panaeolus Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanie Shooms Trip Report.  After thirty minutes, you feel a dull throb of music in your head. It feels like the top of your skull is opening, letting in the noise from around you as it lets out its own, dull song. The music grows, steadily climbing to a crescendo. You feel around for the top of your head, but it seems to be gone. Standing up, you notice there are thistle bushes growing in the corners of your house. Through power-points and cracks in the walls, their twigs are winding themselves through the air. You touch one, and see the spiky stems recoil.

Blue Meanies Make You See Octopi

A sound from behind you makes you turn. There, standing in the centre of the room, is a large man with the head of an octopus. You do your best not to laugh. It’s not every day you see a thing like that. He introduces himself, shaking your hand in his tentacle. He’s looking for someone, he says, someone he lost a long time ago. You feel deeply sad for him. You want to help. Taking his tentacle, you lead him outside. The world is buzzing green and blue. Fish are swimming through the air around you. You see a woman near the fence, strumming a guitar. She’s singing of the universe, and all the creatures in it. The octopus man moves toward her, and as they get closer, you see they recognise each other. They hug, and as they do, you feel complete. You brought them together. They leave, and you lie down on your lawn, breathing slow and steady as the skies form patterns and swirls above you.

Panaeolus Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanie Information

CAP: The Blue Meanie’s cap is 15-40mm in size. It’s tan, fading to a pale, greyish white colour with maturity. The cap can split to reveal blue streaks, and matures to plane in time. The white flesh bruises blue when damaged.

GILLS: This mushie’s gills are adnexed, with three to four tiers of intermediate gills. 

STEM: The stem is 70-120mm in length, and equal to slightly enlarged at the base. This mushie will stain a blue colour wherever it’s bruised.

SPORES: The spores on this Shroom are black, with four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: This guy loves subtropical to tropical climates. He’s a fan of manure, and added to his favourite soil, it’s a winning combo.


Panaeolus Copelandia Cyanescens Blue Meanie Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Effects are listed for entertainment purposes only according to the estimated average response of most users. Make sure you’re aware and fully informed of the dosage and mushroom type before using these spores for microscopy research. Do not use magic mushrooms or illegal substances. Do not combine mushrooms with medications, drive under the influence of mushrooms, or use if you are depressed/have psychotic tendencies. We do not wish anyone to act in conflict with their local laws. 

Blue Cap Psychedelic Mushrooms

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Our Blue Meanie Mushroom Spores are extremely popular among mushroom lovers and they’re also quite well-reviewed. The high is regarded as euphoric and light. It may also give you slight hallucinating effects that may persist for a few hours. Your overall experience may last around 4 to 5 hours. Blue Meanie Mushrooms are an extremely good option for beginner users and if you’re someone who is more experienced, you can opt for our world’s strongest Blue Meanie Mushroom Strain.

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