Costa Rican

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Costa Rican Beacon Shrooms

Costa Rican Beacon shrooms. Light up your life with this warm little mushie. He’s a lover and a friend, dedicated to showing you a good time. There are many types of poisonous mushies found in the fields of Costa Rica – but this Costa Rican Beacon ain’t one of them. He’s on a mission to give you the brightest trip you’ve ever had.


Costa Rican Shooms Trip Report

Twenty minutes in, the Beacon guides you through a house that feels like music, each room a different song. You feel the rooms as they come and go, a high crescendo in your chest, and then you leave. There are colours everywhere, dancing about like people, shifting shapes and bringing their own rhythm to the house. One room is shouting, bashing on tambourines and bongo drums. Another is mellow and filled with the notes of a deep double-bass.

A Happy Guided Journey

As you walk out the front door, you hold the hand of your mystery guide, feeling you’d be lost without them. Things are fuzzy with orange static, glowing and throbbing in front of you. The garden’s trees reach further than the sky, and when you look closer, you see that the sky is made of their leaves, the stars only insects that move and shine. You begin to climb, taking one branch, then the next. Your legs grow longer, and bend with each new branch. You’re wrapping your whole body round its trunk, threading your limbs through the twigs as they grow longer and longer. You’re as thin as a piece of string, but you feel so close to this tree. You’re becoming a part of it, another groove in its bark. You feel like it knows you; like the tree holds your soul.

Costa Rican Magic Mushroom Information

CAP: The Beacon’s cap is 20-70mm in size, and hemispheric expanding to plane with age. He begins as golden brown in colour, maturing to a lighter brown. He’s yellowish white, but bruises bluish green with damage.

GILLS: The gill attachment is adnate to adnexed. It has a yellowish colouration in young mushrooms that matures to be much darker. The Beacon is known for his generosity – his spore production is prolific. 

STEM: Stem length is usually 150-200mm. Most of the time this Shroom’s stem is equal all the way down, but it may be slightly enlarged at the base. It’s a yellowish colour with a cool, reflective sheen to it. When bruised, it turns bluish and semi hollow.

SPORES: This Costa Rican mushie’s spores are dark purplish brown in colour, subellipsoid on four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: Equine dung enriched soils are the perfect match for this little Shroom. Find him in the Costa Rican cow fields, loving the wet season and thriving in the heat.

Costa Rican magic Mushroom Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Effects are listed for entertainment purposes only according to the estimated average response of most users. Make sure you’re aware and fully informed of the dosage and mushroom type before using these spores for microscopy research. Do not use magic mushrooms or illegal substances. Do not combine mushrooms with medications, drive under the influence of mushrooms, or use if you are depressed/have psychotic tendencies. We do not wish anyone to act in conflict with their local laws. 


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