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PES Hawaiian Shrooms

We have one of the best Hawaiian mushroom for your purchase The PES Hawaiian holiday is the best option for a good trip. If you want to experience high, then you must choose Hawaiian mushrooms. It’s widely known for blowing its users away. If you don’t want to get disappointed then invest in Hawaiian mushrooms. The authentic Hawaiian mushroom strain are available for your purchase at our website.


Trip report of PES Hawaiian Holiday Shrooms

After consuming the Hawaiian mushrooms within 30 minutes you start feeling its kick. You will feel like there is a light fitting inside it that is unpeeling itself just like an orange. Its texture and smell, fill the space with the color. When you consume it, you will experience that the ink present inside its turned into the spark that is bouncing off the ceiling to walls.

Swim in your fantasy with the Hawaiian Mushroom Strain

This Hawaiian mushroom can make you feel like swimming in the color. When you take it you will feel like it is moving all around you in motion. It is more like whirring and spinning all the time. Things close by you will move fast, that you can’t even recognize. You will experience an overwhelmness from the feeling that you ever existed. This feeling is beyond any expression. The window in your existing room will appear more bright and wide, without even going close to them you will feel that you are passing through it. When you step out, you will enter in the small white room. Doors of this room, open automatically and you will see that it is the same place where you have started . In short after consuming Hawaiian mushroom you will achieve life alternative experience.


PES Hawaiian Information

CAP:-  its cap is 25-75mm in the size, it is convex in the shape and become plane at the time of maturity. It has reddish cinnamon brown color which ages with time and become light yellow.

GILLS:- Gill attachment is adnate to annexed. It is grayish in color and become black when it become mature.

STEM:- The stem of mushroom is 125-175mm in length it is yellowish in color. The flesh bruises bluish green when it damaged. It mature and become purplish and dusted with brown spores.

Spores:- This mushroom has purplish-brown spores.

HABITAT:-  This mushroom is subtropical type, it like to enjoy heat but not too extensive. Beside the bit of dung are also liked for the growth. However, you have to grow it in the bovine soil enriched with bovine dung for the best results.

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The effect of Hawaiian mushroom enlisted on our website is for the entertainment purpose and on the estimated response of the active users. Ensure that you are going to make use of the fully informed dosage and type of mushroom by doing all research. It is not at all recommended to use illegal or magic mushrooms. Don’t club medication and mushrooms, and driving under the influence of the mushroom can bring under the state of depression. We don’t want anyone to perform any action which is against the law.


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