Mazatapec Mushroom Spores


Mazatapec Mushroom Spores

Mazatapec Mushroom Spores for sale at the one and only Magic Mushroom website. Mr Mazatapec, is a Mexican mushie. He was a hit with the Mazatec Indians. Used in sacred shamanic ceremonies and celebrations, he was thought to heal pain. His name may come from a mushroom hunter’s typo – ‘Mazatapec’ was meant to be ‘Mazatec’ – but this guy makes no mistakes! Every second is a perfect trip with Mr M.


Mazatapec Shroom Trip Report

Mazatapec Mushroom Spores trip reports are consistently on the potent side. Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec with kick in in good time. In thirty to forty minutes, the ground is swelling. You’re on a staircase, but you’re walking upside down, on the underside of it. Your head is almost touching the ground, but somehow you never hit it. From the corner of your eye a picture begins to unravel; a scene made of brushstrokes and vivid colours. You jump into its mess without thinking. All around you, things are growing, bending, twisting themselves into shape. A tree with a trunk like a truck. A lake made of pale pink water. You walk to it, and see your shimmering reflection. It speaks to you, talking of your past, your future. Where will you go next? A bird flies overhead, screeching and ducking between the trees. You realize mazatapec mushroom spores made all this possible for you and you have a new love.

Mazatapec Mushroom Spores


Down Into The Rabbit Hole

Mazatapec mushroom spores will rattle your brain. You begin to follow it, over the grass, the swaying landscape, and into a cave. Here, stalactites bigger than your legs cling to the ceiling. You can hear droplets of water beating out a slow rhythm, the sides of the cave echoing, drum-like. Blue bats line the walls, shifting, watching. Like a furry blanket of eyes. At the back of the cave you see it – a bright light, brighter than the sun. You move toward it. You’re swallowed by it. In that moment, gleaming white and gold, you feel the happiest you’ve ever been.

Mexican Mazatapec Shooms Information

Psilocybe Mazatapec

CAP: Mr M’s Cap is 50+ mm in size, and convex to broadly convex, occasionally with acute umbo. It’s a dark, woody brown in colour that turns golden brown with age. The surface is dry, and bruises bluish green soon after damage.

GILLS: This Shroom’s attachment is adnate to adnexed. It has a grey colour in younger mushrooms, aging to almost black.

STEM: His stem is usually 75-125mm long, and yellowish in colour. Fresh bruising will show blue or green. At maturity, it’s dusted with purplish-brown spores.

SPORES: Mazatapec mushroom spores are dark purplish-brown, with four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: Like most strains of Psilocybe cubensis, this little Shroom thrives in a subtropical climate. He loves dung-enriched soils, and gets along in morning dew.

This jewel of a fungus is popular at Shakota. She’s a world famous female shaman, and she’s a mushroom head too.

Mexican Mazatapec Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Effects are listed for entertainment purposes only according to the estimated average response of most users. Make sure you’re aware and fully informed of the dosage and mushroom type before using these spores for microscopy research. Do not use magic mushrooms or illegal substances. Do not combine mushrooms with medications, drive under the influence of mushrooms, or use if you are depressed/have psychotic tendencies. We do not wish anyone to act in conflict with their local laws. 


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