PES Amazonian Warrior


PES Amazonian Warrior Mushrooms

PES Amazonian Warrior Magic Mushrooms. This fighting mushie is a fierce kind of guy. He’s fleshy and tall, and can elevate your high to the next level. Music always adds to his atmosphere, and dancing to his rhythm can give you a kind of euphoria like no other.


PES Amazonian Warrior Shooms Trip Report

PES Amazonian Warrior Shooms Trip Report. Twenty minutes into the trip, the Warrior is firing on all cylinders. You have a coin in your hand, turning it over and over. The face on the coin is coming to life, twitching its eyes and moving its mouth. You throw it away, scared it will speak to you. Instead, it bounces back like a boomerang, determined to talk. You see it spinning in the air, a single, small disc. You duck, thinking it will zoom right over you. Instead, it lands with a faint sound at your feet. You pick it up again. Now it is burning hot. You throw it up in the air again, and it slices through the ceiling like a laser blade. Hot spotlights are shining down all around you. You feel like an escaped burglar, the security after you. You lie down, telling yourself to be calm. Suddenly the lights waver, they flicker and fade into warm yellow lines.

Rein In The Light

You reach out, pulling the light towards you with your fist. It feels like sunshine, heating you to the core. You feel it everywhere, surrounding you, and begin to see flashes of your childhood – your favourite beaches, that cool drink you liked on hot days. You’re trying to make sense of it all, and just as you think you’ll give up, the coin returns. The face speaks to you at last. It tells you that you’re safe. You have found home. Now that you’ve eating all your stash, it’s time to find more Amazonian mushroom for sale so you can shroom again next weekend.

PES Amazonian Warrior Information

CAP: The cap is 25-50mm in size, convex to broadly convex, turning plane at maturity. It often has persistent acute umbo. The reddish cinnamon brown of the cap matures to golden-brown to light yellow in time. The surface is dry, the flesh bruising bluish green with injury.

GILLS: The mushie’s gill attachment is adnate to adnexed. Grey in colour, it matures to nearly black. 

STEM: The Warrior’s stem is usually about 150mm in length, and yellowish in colour. Its flesh bruises to a blue-green colour when injured, and the persistent membranous annulus is dusted with purple-brownish spores at maturity.

SPORES: This Shroom has purplish brown spores, subellipsoid with four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: The Warrior’s habitat is subtropical, growing especially well in dung-enriched soils. His Amazonian origins mean he can grow to quite some length when well cared for.

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PES Amazonian Warrior Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Effects are listed for entertainment purposes only according to the estimated average response of most users. Make sure you’re aware and fully informed of the dosage and mushroom type before using these spores for microscopy research. Do not use magic mushrooms or illegal substances. Do not combine mushrooms with medications, drive under the influence of mushrooms, or use if you are depressed/have psychotic tendencies. We do not wish anyone to act in conflict with their local laws. 


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