Shroom Sitter

Shroom Sitter

Shroom Sitter

Shroom sitter is basically your safety person. You might want to be with a trusted friend, or someone who knows their magic mushrooms well when you get high. It’s reassuring and relaxing to know someone’s there for you. They can monitor your surroundings, and keep things running smoothly. If you can’t think of anyone right for the job, just ring a friend to let them know where you’ll be and what you’re doing. That way if anything goes wrong, they’ll know how to help.

Have a Safety Person And Avoid Bad Shroom Trips

Setting. Know your surroundings. Being in a familiar forest or room like your lounge room or bedroom is ideal. Access to toilets is even better. If you want to get down with nature and head outdoors, make sure you scout the area first for any hazards. A shroom sitter is a must if there are cliff’s nearby.

Magic Mushroom Paranoia

If there’s enough space to lie down in case you need to chill, you’re good to go. You can even enhance your trip a little by playing some tunes. Instrumental music is best, as voices can be distracting and trigger paranoia.

Being around people you already know and trust is a good thing. Having a sober safety person is alway nice for when trips start to go sideways, as they can guide you back from going to a dark place and keep you in a happy place.


Shroom Sitter


Shoom Sessions and Situations

Session and situation. There are stages to any session. With magic mushrooms, these are generally ingestion, initial onset, peak, plateau, and then a gradual fade until the effects have fully worn off. The situation is whatever your response might be to your high. How are you going to go on to use what you learned about your soul, relationships and spirituality in your everyday life? Magic mushrooms can reveal a lot about us, and psychedelic trips are particularly great for introspection and self-awareness. Make use of that.

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  1. Jeff Jenkins on January 13, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Be sure you’re shroom sitter is mature. Find the oldest of your friends as my best mate whos my age made things worse by tripping meout and scaring me. He’d never done shrooms before either, so you may want to get a shroom sitter that knows what you’re going through when you start to peak. Otherwise sitters can sometimes make your trips worse.

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