Tips For Eating Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are very easy to grow yourself. Variety is the spice of life and there are many different ways to get the best of magic truffles into your brain. Our list may contain your favourite method. Find out for yourself!


As a social lubricant, psychological therapeutic and meditative sacrament, psychoactive mushrooms are proven and unbeatable. Ok, in the top 10 (sorry mescaline, DMT, cannabis etc. we didn’t mean to offend). Unsurprisingly, psychoactive truffles are enjoying increasing popularity. This is especially true when it is easy to use grow boxes that regularly provide you with fun, high quality mycelium from a safe source.

How do you best feed your neurons with the good stuff from mushrooms? That’s what we’re going to find out, dear psychonaut.


Truffles and mushrooms are both part of nature’s greatest paradox. Plants containing the desired alkaloids taste worse than bad. They taste like a cow’s ass, to use a crude euphemism. Simply making the truffles drink or swallowing them without chewing them may not work at all. Truffles take a long time to digest. Your body may not digest truffles at all and you will have to chew them well to get the desired effects. Your tongue will twitch in horror, though. Just try not to think about the rot and the resulting mental image while chewing the truffle.


Like any other mushroom, magic truffles can be used to cook many dishes. An inter-dimensional stew with friends is a great way to spend a convivial evening. Or how about a magic pizza? Next time you make a quiche, simply replace the mushrooms with magic truffles or start the day with a space cowboy omelette. But never cook the truffles – always add them as the last ingredient in your dish.


The simplest thing is to make a tea. Steeping plants is the oldest form of extracting the desired properties. Put your well-chopped truffles in a cup and pour hot water over them. Make sure that the water does not exceed 50°C. This will destroy the psilocybin content and your truffles will be only half as much fun, if at all. Now stir the drink well and press the truffle pieces against the cup. Let the tea steep until it has reached drinking temperature. When you drink the tea, you can fish out the remaining truffles and eat them to make sure you absorb the whole dose.

If you don’t want to eat the soft truffles, you can dry them, chop them very finely and pour them with lemon juice into a cup of hot water (just squeeze the lemon and add the zest). Stir well again and again until you have a cup of liquid gold. You can now fish out the pieces and enjoy your tea.


Lemon and lime go very well with psychedelic tea and give it a pleasant taste. It is still debated whether the acid enhances the effect of psilocybin by breaking down the psilocybin into psilocyn and it can be absorbed immediately or whether it makes the alkaloid more available in solution, as with other extraction methods, so that it can also be used to make it more available to you. Whatever the theory, truffles are definitely affected by acidity.

A word to the wise to help mask the taste. Smoothies. Add two grams of finely pulverised truffle meat to your favourite drink, give it a couple of blows with a blender and the thing is off.


Like LSD, psilocybin can also be absorbed through the skin. Suppose you gently let the alcohol mentioned above evaporate to a syrupy consistency or extract the psilocybin. In that case, you can add the liquid to your favorite massage oil and use it on your favorite people. Two hours of mutual massage allows you to fly away on a magic carpet. The journey starts a little hesitantly, but shows transcendental endurance. Please apply to a small area of the skin first to test for intolerance and allergic reactions.