What do people prefer World’s Strongest Magic Mushroom Strains?

Mushrooms belong to a group of fungi; they have similar properties. Mushrooms stand out of the rest of fungi as the biggest, thus, non-microscopic subspecies. Some mushrooms are also known to cause great psychedelic experiences, commonly called ‘trip’ effects on the users.

Such mood-altering mushrooms are ingested directly, or their extracts can either be ingested or taken as intravenous administration, i.e., injection. They are called magic mushrooms, and they owe their psychoactive potency to chemicals called psilocybin and psilocin.

Numerous types of magic mushrooms majorly differ in terms of physical characteristics and psychoactive drugs by proportion. Psilocybin and psilocin are usually the only chemical drug with these mood-altering properties; however, some may have more.

Here are some of the most highly preferred world’s strongest magic mushrooms strains as follows.

1. Penis Envy mushrooms

One of the first choices for most people for recreational activities is the Penis Envy shroom. Its name is given due to its striking resemblance with the male human member (euphemistic). It is regarded as the most potent of all magic mushrooms available in the market regarding its psychoactive properties.

It is also one of the most commonly available in the form of prepped syringes.

Albino Penis Envy mushrooms

Another entry in the list of contenders of the most potent magic mushrooms is the Albino Penis Envy mushroom. You must have guessed it; it, too, has similar physical characteristics to the Penis Envy mushroom, but it is entirely white. Like its cousin, this strain of mushroom is regarded as one of the most potent. It, too, is readily available in the market both in natural form and extracts as injections, mostly ready-made syringes.

Golden Teachers mushrooms

These mushrooms fall in the category of the most potent magic mushrooms. The name’s etymology may seem irrelevant and funny; it said that the golden tint of the caps along with the wisdom-imparting properties after its ingestion is owed to its name.

They grow in wide-spread flushes, even inside homes. Their high space economy makes them the choicest option for most people who wish to grow magic mushrooms at home. They are also easy to cultivate at home.

Pink Buffalo mushrooms

Native to Thailand, the Pink Buffalo mushrooms have a strong content of psilocybin by its body proportion. Taking a bite can make you feel as if you are going through the trip of heaven (pun intended).

Although it is highly potent, finding its dealers is easy. Mostly, would-be buyers have to resort to buying it online.

B+ mushrooms

It is a somewhat odd and unfriendly internet name of a mushroom strain; however, the B+ mushroom is one of the most highly preferred. Its copious Psilocybin content makes it a highly preferred choice for recreational activities.

It has an elongated stem with a curvy cap. Its golden-hued cap and long, creamy stem also make it look aesthetic in your backyard. Its cultivation is easy, too. Another great feature of the strain is that it grows in high density. The elongated stems give way to let other mushrooms grow in a small area.

Psilocybe baeocystis

The name may seem more like a cacophony; no wonder it is not so trendy. However, it is colloquially, also known as bluebells, olive caps, bottle caps, and knobby tops amongst users in the anglosphere. Despite the lack of popularity of the shroom, one of the most important reasons for ranking it amongst the most potent magic mushrooms is that it has psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin.

They work in combination as powerful psychedelics as well as have hallucinogenic effects on the users. The users feel like on cloud nine, one moment and another moment brings roller-coaster ride-like effects similar to marijuana consumption. This assortment of effects has brought the drug to the attention of those who like experimenting with drugs for recreational purposes.