What happens if I smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Smoking Magic Mushrooms

Smoking is not the first thing that comes to mind when taking Magic Mushroom. Oral intake is the most effective way to trip. So why try something new? What’s the point of smoking magic mushrooms? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about smoking Magic Mushrooms.

Mushroom lovers consume magic mushrooms orally, either by eating them or making them into tea. But smoking magic mushrooms? Most people would probably laugh lightly and say that there is no point in smoking mushrooms. But some people say that smoking them is a whole new and different experience. That’s a good thing. So let’s think about whether smoking magic mushrooms is a good thing or a bad thing.

Can I smoke magic mushrooms?

Yes, you can smoke magic mushrooms. People who smoke magic mushrooms usually mix small pieces of mushrooms under their cigarettes or cannabis to make a joint. As these substances have an effect on the body, the experience of the mushrooms will be different. The biggest difference from the “traditional type” has to do with psilocybin, a psychoactive prodrug. However, psilocybin and smoking do not go together very well…

Magic Mushroom Smoking. Advantages and disadvantages

Psilocybin, the essential chemical precursor of the psychedelic alkaloid psilocin, has a low flash point of 523.4°C. At higher temperatures, psilocybin is destroyed and the mushroom loses its effectiveness. There is a problem with this. Joints and pipes burn at much higher temperatures, easily reaching 800-900°C. This is why people who smoke magic mushrooms take them orally at the same time, or use cannabis or other drugs to enhance their psychoactive effects.

As it stands, the main disadvantage of adding magic mushrooms to a joint is that it dramatically reduces the intensity of the experience and wastes a good mushroom. On the other hand, of course, the reduced strength of magic mushrooms need not be negative. If you want to smoke magic mushrooms, it can be an interesting option despite the disadvantages.

Benefits of smoking magic mushrooms

Smoking magic mushrooms is a bit ambiguous, so assigning an effect on the experience is a rather abstract task. So far, no really meaningful research has been done, so there is little we can do other than look at the conventional explanations. Since magic mushrooms are almost always mixed with other smokable substances, such as grass or tobacco, the subsequent ‘trip’ tends to be determined by the other predominant substance’s influence. Many mushroom caps smoke cannabis when consuming mushrooms, so smoking cannabis and magic mushrooms is a good combination. This way you get a bit more of a psychedelic effect.

Precautions when smoking magic mushrooms

As with eating magic mushrooms, inhaling psilocybin can cause a psychedelic trip. However, the extent to which this is the case depends on a number of factors, including the magic mushrooms themselves, other substances in your bag, and yourself. Therefore, it is just as likely to be a ‘bad trip’ as any other scenario. In any case, be prepared to ‘set and set’ as usual, both mentally and physically. Do you have worries or anxieties, or are you just not in the mood? Then you should rethink your travel plans.

There is very little data or reports on smoking magic mushrooms, so we don’t really know the recommended intake. Therefore, you should consider experimenting carefully and recording your results so that they can be evaluated later.

How do you smoke magic mushrooms?

Simply mashing the mushrooms and smoking them in a joint will not work. Instead, you can try mixing magic mushrooms with cannabis or other harmless substances such as catnip or damiana. Some people smoke the mushrooms while eating them to further enhance the effect, but this should be done with extreme caution. Obviously, there is a greater risk of a bad journey.

Magic mushrooms – Conclusion

Taking magic mushrooms orally is undoubtedly the most effective way of tripping. After all, psychonauts have been using this method with success for a long time. There are few reasons to switch to smoking magic mushrooms, and perhaps the biggest motivation is to “see what happens again”. However, for those with a limited supply of magic mushrooms, smoking them can seem like a worthless waste. Nevertheless, the adventurous psychologist in all of us is always interested in experimenting, thereby paving the way for new ways of ingesting.