What should you know about the Penis Envy spore syringe?

Penis Envy

Mushrooms are an exciting variety of plants. Unlike most other plants, mushrooms do not produce their food but depend on other plants and dead animals. However, this is not where most mycologists’ curiosity ends; there are a lot of amazing facts about mushrooms.

One of the most exciting types of mushrooms is the Penis Envy shroom because they have high mood-altering properties. They are classified as a Schedule I drug due to their highly potent effects. The name ‘Penis Envy’ is derived from the apparent physical similarity between the spore and male human phallus. Unlike most types of mushrooms, they have a very thick stem and a bulbous head.

The drug is commonly sold as extraction in liquid, i.e., injections and ready-made syringes across 47 states in America except for Idaho, California, and Georgia. These syringes are sold only for lab testing and similar medical purposes.

Due to the status of a powerful mood-altering drug, growing the Penis Envy mushroom is illegal too. Therefore, most lab-owners and biology institutes resort to buying the samples directly for testing. The Penis Envy strain comes after more prominent names like Golden Teacher or The Lucy. It has high sedative and calming effects on the users.

Making an authentic purchase

The strain is so much in demand that adulteration is a widespread practice amongst its online dealers. Most taxonomic students and enthusiasts go for full specimens instead of their extracts in syringes. The reason is apparent; they need to study the strain’s physiology in and out.

Why is this mushroom type so highly preferred?

Amongst biology students, especially those who have chosen botany as their university majors, the Penis Envy spore is one of the most sought-after. It is because of its unique physical characteristics. Besides, its psychoactive effects are the most significant area of interest for most botany students.

Dissecting the shroom, getting its extract, putting it under the microscope, and learning its chemical compositions are activities many students carry out with it.

Another fact that intrigues botany students is that less than 5% of mushrooms release spores. This type is one of them; this displays its unique place in the field of biology. It contains psilocybin and psilocin; these two chemicals are responsible for the psychedelic effects.

The shroom strain was thought to have been engineered with the help of genetic manipulation by Dr. Terence McKenna, a renowned mycologist. He genuinely conducted several pieces of research on psychoactive plants. However, whether this strain was lab-developed or initially found in nature is a matter of speculation. Many botanists, mycologists, and ethnobotanists tried to fathom the mystery but to no avail.

Some say that the strain can be authentically traceable to its developer dubbed ‘RC’; however, the shreds of evidence are not so convincing.

Legal status and psychoactive properties

The legal status may be of concern for most buyers and those who wish to grow the spores in the backyard. As pointed above, growing the mushroom strain is completely outlawed in the USA; however, for biology enthusiasts, buying them online is not restricted in most states.

You can buy them in either liquid extracts or as a whole online from several websites. It is essential to know the mushroom type’s physical features to ensure that you get what you order. 

It is classified as a Schedule I drug due to its ability to give the users psychedelic, or commonly called ‘trip’ experiences. It is a temporarily altered state of mind with LSD, DMT, mescaline, and psilocybin experiences. The effects are caused by ingesting the shroom or injecting its extracts directly into the veins.

Some people can be overdosed with as low as 0.25 grams of dried Penis Envy mushroom, whereas for some, up to 3.5 grams can be the highest tolerable limits.


The Penis Envy mushroom is of particular interest to biology students, botanists, ethnobotanists, and mycologists. The physiology and the chemical composition of the shroom are equally intriguing for most people. It has high mood-altering effects; hence, the strain is also classified as a Schedule I drug in America.